When style meets function – seasonal rubber.

Like the very best in fashion, all things move seasonally and although in our little automotive world, we don’t have key time influences on our wardrobes. We do have Mother Nature influencing our choice of rubber on our pride and joys, at key times of the year.

Functionally the option of seasonal tyres grows in popularity each year, and with more and more performance focused tyres arriving each year that deliver grip, compounds and tread patterns more akin to track based tyres of yesteryear, the need for colder climate tyres is a good call.

Trust me when I say I have personally pushed my luck on a couple of memorable occasions running Michelin’s infamous CUP 2s. Tyres which are genuinely jaw dropping in most dynamics, even in their bad weather behaviour… but they do bite and it’s often when you least want it. Standing water on a motorway still instils an involuntary tightening in certain bodily areas. 

However when the warmer weather kisses our faces, temps rise and the tarmac warms… no matter how good our cold weather tyres have steered us through the colder months unscathed… it’s time to throw on you summer tyres and start to push your Porsche’s dynamics once again! 

When style meets function – seasonal rubber.

If we butcher the iconic Edith Head’s quote of  “You can have anything you want in life if you dress for it.” 

This nicely ties in with the mantra one of our customers applies to his rather special 997 GTS. The eagle eyed of you will immediately recognise this beautiful 997 from its build article here

As you’ve most likely acknowledged from the article, the devil is in the detail on this build and its owner has a discerning eye when it comes to style, design and form. 

So swapping out the GTS’s cold to fair weather rubber wasn’t just a simple task of tyre swapping.

The GTS already rode on a striking set of black centre locking GTS wheels. So the Autofarm team sourced a set of GT3 wheels of the era, and set about having a special finish commissioned that would make these as visually iconic as the GTS’s winter rims. So we took the wheels from grey to black centre locks, from silver to black centre caps with the beautiful Porsche crest accentuated perfectly. We then applied a new set of Porsche TPMS to the wheels, creating a hassle free swap over process in the future with the winter set and allowing our customer to get maximum benefit from the cars OE tyre monitoring system. Then completed it all with a full coating of Gtechniq C4 serum to provide long lasting resistance to road grime and brake dust.

So what do you like best for this car – the winter or Summer set and why?

Like the seasons, these bespoke projects are a circular process. They may be built by Autofarm to be enjoyed by each owner, but the joy is returned in equal measure when we see our customers investing so much love and getting so much enjoyment from their cars.

If this update to our customers GTS has left you wanting more of this type of feature, or you now have a desire to discuss a bespoke project for yourself, then please get in touch by calling 01865 331234 or you can email us at projects@autofarm.co.uk 

When style meets function – seasonal rubber.


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