The art of understatement – the Autofarm 997 GTS Signature Build

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As a team, we know we hold a very privileged role in our customers lives. We’re entrusted daily with the care and maintenance of one of their beloved family.

Admittedly it’s not a family member born of flesh nor blood, but often there is an unabashed sense of love an owner has with their chosen Stuttgart model that would rival the very best of classic love stories.  

In this privileged role, we are fortunate to experience the complete world of Porsche metal. From much loved dailies, all the way through to extremely rare, cosseted Rennsport / Weissach models. However, if we put that sliding scale of values and rarity to one side, we honestly remain unfazed by the individual vehicles before us. We place the same high level of care, passion and yes, ‘love’ into every task we undertake as their temporary custodian.

However, this ‘composed & controlled state’ immediately alters when one of our customers asks us to join them in an unmapped journey, with the final destination of creating ‘Their perfect Porsche’. Now we are fortunate at Autofarm to release a number of unique customer builds throughout each calendar year, but for 2022 one build in particular stood out – introducing the Autofarm 997 GTS Signature Build.

This was a full restoration of this highly cherished GTS that had already been extensively enjoyed by the customer in a vastly different guise. His vision was a mix of highly bespoke engineering, fabrication, craftsmanship and rejuvenation… funny enough, it was the type of intelligent evolution of a Porsche product that we often admire from Stuttghart’s own design teams.

Our highly experienced AF Project Team quickly deployed all 5 decades worth of Porsche road and track knowledge creating a one off GTS that to the untrained eye could pass for a recently released ’special’ Porsche… however to the trained eye, the enthusiasts, it is a technical tour-de-force, with a suite of details that far extend the word count constraining this article.

If that famous saying of ‘A picture says a thousand words’ runs true, we’ll leave you to immerse yourself in the photos the Project Team have compiled on this stunning journey, along with a detailed overview of the level of craftsmanship that was invested to create this rolling masterpiece.

If you have an idea for a Porsche project build, big or small, then our team would love to meet (virtually or in person) and discuss your vision and wants for your build. Please email the Projects Team here to arrange a convenient time for you.

The Autofarm 997 GTS Signature Build

Autofarm 997 GTS Signature Build: Specifications

Key features include;
  • Full body repaint to clients bespoke colour sample
  • Sport Classic front lower air spoiler, refinished in textured plastic to match side sills
  • Genuine GT3 4.0 titanium rear silencer with link valves and bespoke megaphone tips
  • Bespoke carbon ceramic brakes developed for GTS callipers
  • Headlights stripped internally and refinished in different colours and finishes
  • Front End PPF (paint protection film), custom wheel arch PPF and Sharks fins
  • Genuine 4.0 GT3RS Carbon bonnet
  • 997 Gen2 GT3 Rear bumper and all associated trims
Interior re-trim, features including;
  • Sport Chrono dash top delete and full top re-trim with Airbag logos
  • 917 Style wooden gear knob mounted to a 997  factory shortshift tower
  • Door cards, rear interior ¼ trims and other dash parts trimmed like a leather plus car
  • Rear panels in leather
  • Parcel shelf leather quilted
  • Rear panel section in Alcantara
  •  A/ B & C Pillar trims & sun visors in Alcantara
Additional key features;
  • Geunine GTS illuminated sill step trims (PPF covered)
  • Gauges custom made for 997 with a homage to iconic 901 design
  • MOMO Mod 09 steering wheel, Re-trimmed in suade with dark green rally band, MOMO letters in body colour and Porsche logo, horn push custom made in alcantera
  • Seat belts, dark green webbed
  • Genuine Porsche carbon air box, custom painted logo and satin clearcoat
  • Bespoke lightweight battery / charging solution

If you now have a desire to discuss a bespoke project for yourslef and this GTS build has left you wanting to know more about some of these features, then please get in touch by calling 01865 331234 or you can email us at 


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