Moving the analogue experience firmly into the present

Porsche Classic Infotainment Systems

Source: Porsche Newsroom

The automotive world has been going through a renaissance period over recent times, with a growing love for ‘all things analogue’.

It’s a trend that transcends every level of car culture too; from multi million, one off car commissions. All the way through to 80’s and 90’s era cars, that in yesteryear would have not even received a second glance, yet now are met with knowing nods of admiration and smiles.

It is no small wonder why the appreciation of the analogue experience of cars is growing though. We’re in a time where everything is automated and interconnected… technology literally rules the roost (or at least controls most of it). Whilst our modern modes of transport grow more and more capable with every passing day. So much so, that you have to question is the need to hold the steering wheel, simply Technologies’ clever way of letting the apes still think ‘they’re in control’?

The analog experience in transport delivers a purity and sense of connection that the latest wheeled marvels simply don’t, or can’t deliver upon. That all said though – and pushing the romantic to one side – as much as we covet the analogue experience, we also know if we are 100% truthful – it isn’t perfect.

Owners struggle to successfully integrate their ‘modern day’ communication needs into this driving experience. And it doesn’t matter how simple you start out, by the time you have a fully functioning in-car system that maximises the benefits our mobile phones bring to our lives. That brutally simplistic interior, that is at the heart of the analog driving experience, is awash with an array of adaptors, screen and/or dash mounts and a tangled web of cables.

Or if you are brave (or fortunate) enough to fully ‘unplug’ from the modern world for an entire drive. The realities of modern traffic quickly stall your enthusiastic progress and you inevitably default to listening to that random mix CD, that has resided in the CD changer since the day you bought the car.

Porsche Classic Communication Management Plus installed in the Boxster (Type 987)

However it’s not all polar opposites or compromises. There is an alternative option and it’s one the Autofarm Team feel offers the ‘perfect’ solution.

Best of all. It’s a solution from Porsche, as the manufacture is actively supporting the ‘love of analogue cars’ with the extension of their hugely successful PCCM (Porsche Classic Communication Management) and PCCM+ (Porsche Classic Communication Management Plus) ranges of dash units.

These units deliver all the modern conveniences of Bluetooth connectivity, USB, aux-in ports and an integrated navigation system to a growing number of Porsche’s back catalogue of modern classics. Best of all, it’s a range of products that have been designed to sympathetically enhance the driving experience of classic Porsches, preserving the simplistic aesthetic that forms such a key part of each vehicles character and charm.

The PCCM and PCCM+ systems can be retrofitted (and are fully reversible too) for a wide range of classic Porsche models, including the 996, 986, 997, 987 variants of the 911, Boxster and Cayman platforms, along with the Gen 1 Cayenne platform (03-08).

So why not bring your modern classic firmly into the 21st century today? Call the team to find out more or book your installation and make your analog driving experience even more special. Email or call 01865 331234.


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