PCGB Cotswold Rally 2022

Written by Jon Whitmore

Huge thanks to Nick Taylor, Chris Knowles and all of the PCGB Region 31 team for inviting us along to an amazing day.

The Cotswold Rally 2022 was supported by nearly 200 members and the Autofarm team were honoured to be the only independent Porsche specialist in attendance. We respectfully kept it low-key, taking just a couple of cars that we knew would look lovely on display and would of course spark a few conversations.

In addition to our Stand Up 2 Cancer Porsche, we brought along our stunning RSR backdate that certainly turned a few heads on the day. It was a brilliant opportunity to show PCGB members around this build, answer their questions about it’s unique features and of course marvel at the noise when we fired it up.

A few members got lost but they definately enjoyed the drive.

Chatting to all the PCGB members, it was clear everyone was thoroughly enjoying the rally. Not all the members followed the entire planned route but listening to all the stories from the day, the route changes were by accident rather than shortcuts.

It was such a relaxed day, our Directors Steve Wood & Mikey Wastie met lots of old friends, talking to a number of existing customers and hopefully encourage a few new ones. The rally fuelled conversations that included performance upgrades for both road and track. We shared our expertise and experience with owners starting new projects to create subtle changes to their Porsche, whether it be exterior paint or new trim, it was amazing to hear the ideas being shared.

Together We'll Beat Cancer

The Stand Up 2 Cancer, aka RATP was a must show car for us, as its late owner Chris Drummond was a well-known, and very respected PCGB member. We know Chris would have really enjoyed the rally.

Autofarm has entertained a number of PCGB regions at our workshops this year, predominantly on a Saturday morning – simply a few hours with doors open, plus tea and coffee – excellent opportunities for us to show members around our workshops and answer any Porsche related questions. I’m sure we’ll contine these in 2023.

If you’re a member of a PCGB region or any Porsche related group and you would like to discuss visiting our facilities on a Saturday morning, then please drop us a message at workshop@autofarm.co.uk 


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