Caffeine & Machine Visit

Written by Jon Whitmore

After a long earned rest, 3 years to be precise, it was time for the Stand Up To Cancer Porsche to stretch its legs and appear once more in public. Caffeine & Machine seemed like the perfect location and with the long sunny evenings it was chance to give RATP a run out.

If you haven’t followed the story of the SU2C Porsche or RATP as we refer to it, then please simply head over to our Just Giving supporting page and get aquainted with its incredible background.

Caffeine & Machine a destination if you appreciate an eclectic collection of moving things.

After an incredible drive to reach our destination at Caffeine & Machine, we were warmly welcomed by a few of our customers, who unknown to us, had also adopted the brilliant idea of a night out at C&M. Everyone was chatting about the machinery of their choice, the pros and cons of owning a performance vehicle but one common factor was evident, it’s all about the drive and the feeling each driver experienced when sitting behind the wheel.


With 2023 being our 50th Anniversary year, we may even be tempted to organise a few events of our own. Maybe a track day or two, a few sunrise drives and even a few weekend trips could be considered. Follow our social media for more updates or announcements.


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